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UNICA is the anti-ageing Collection that takes care of your skin in all its aspects.

Created and implemented by the DERMO28 R&D Laboratories, UNICA tackles skin ageing with the best 

dermocosmetic technologies available on the market.

Revitalising, renewing and stimulating actions allow to treat all types of skin ageing and give your face a new and relaxed appearance.

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PURA Collection was created to treat all the characteristic blemishes of acne-prone skin, from inflammation to overproduction of sebum.Designed and implemented by the DERMO28 R&D Laboratories, PURA treats all impurities leaving your skin hydrated and decongested.

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AQUA was created to give elasticity and deep hydration to all skin types.

Designed and implemented by the DERMO28 R&D Laboratories, performs an intense antioxidant and protective action, protect your skin from daily environmental aggressions and strengthen your natural skin defences.

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Centro Méssegué’s Easy Weight facilitates weight loss or simply allows you to maintain your desired figure, without giving up the pleasure of food. The Easy Weight Kits are ideal for people who want to lose weight and for those who simply want to stay fit by following a healthy, balanced diet.

Kit suitable for people who are up to 3kg overweight. Dissolve fat and regain your figure.

Kit suitable for people who are between 3 and 5kg overweight. 

Kit suitable for people who are between 5 and 8kg overweight. For losing weight in the most difficult cases.

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Herbal Teas

Discover our wide range of Tisanes for every kind of needs, From the Depurative to Flat Tummy to Perfect Leg Tisane,Very enjoyable either cold or mixed with hot water as tea. All natural and Gluten Free!!

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