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Tints & LVL

Enhancing lashes and brows became very popular lately, either with tint or LVL you can reach amazing results.

Eyebrows Tint             £12

Eyelash Tint                £15
Lashlift                       £55

Lashlift & Tint             £65


This amazing technique helps even the most over plucked eyebrows to look wonderful again. The technician will recreate the missing hair with small 9 blades tool, then will apply ink on it so you will have your eyebrows full again a long result.

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Permanent MakeUp

Eyeliner or Lips?

Why not both!! Using a machine very similar to the tattoo one, the technician make sure you don't have to spend anymore time in front of the mirror for your make up as it will be done already! 

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